About the company

Kurt Kirkegaard A/S is a contactor and construction company with 39 years of experience. We have more than 35 employees and solve many different construction projects in Billund and surrounding area.

We are happy to offer you a service, where you can communicate in English, and you will get the advantage of just having to make one phone call or send one E-mail. We offer to be at your service and help you with any need you may have concerning any domestic housing project.

As a house owner you can meet many challenges concerning maintenance work or other construction issues. Especially if you are newcomer to Denmark, and not sure about what to do, who to contact etc. this can be a challenge.

For that reason, we are pleased to be at your service, and help you solve any matters where you need a contractor and good craftsmanship, either the task is large or small. We have a network of trustful craftsmen and subcontractors, whom we work together with, and will therefore be able to provide you with just the right craftsman, for the job needed.

If you are planning on building a new house, build an addition or renovating an existing house, we can also provide you with necessary sketches, illustrations or blue prints for visualization and obtaining a construction permit.

Our goal is to meet you through an open and good dialog, and thereby achieve a result that fulfils your expectations.

For any further information or request please contact:

Engineer and department manager

Kim Søgaard
Mobile phone: 60 40 84 52
E-Mail: ks@kurt-kirkegaard.dk

Kurt Kirkegaard A/S | Kornmarken 1 – 7190 Billund | Telefon: 75 33 94 33 | Fax: 75 33 94 20 | info@kurt-kirkegaard.dk